Root Cause Analysis

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Root Cause Analysis & Irreversible Corrective Actions

Your customer will have an outlined Quality Procedure that you must follow to be allowed to exit containment. This is always your goal and at Continental it is our goal to assist you in exiting containment as quickly as possible. Your customer will require you to perform a root cause analysis and develop and implement irreversible corrective actions.

Continental's numerous Quality Engineers can be called upon to assist in your root cause analysis and in developing your irreversible corrective actions. Continental will assist you in improving your process controls such as error proofing, standardized work and operator training.

Full Documentation for Exiting Controlled Shipping/Containment

Along with clean sorts, your customer will require documentation that may be quite extensive before you are allowed to exit containment.

Continental's engineers can assist you in completing the required documentation during CS2 as well as your supporting documentation to request Exiting Controlled Shipping Level II. Continental can also assist you with the documentation on root cause analysis and irreversible correction action plans required by your certifying agency (ISO, TS, etc. ).