Continental has the expertise needed to offer you Sorting, Inspection, Re-work, Parts Containment and Controlled Shipping. Our local Quality Teams will perform these services at any of your in-house locations, or your parts can be delivered to our ISO 9001:2000 certified quality warehouse facility for processing.

Continental Quality Services

Sorting & Inspection
Continental provides a wide range of Sorting and Inspection Services in our centrally located Midwest Quality Engineering Center or one of our Attack Teams can be deployed to your plant or to your customer's plant.


Continental's CQR Program
Quality problems that surface at your customer's site can require a personal visit by one of your engineers, which is both time consuming and expensive. Continental solves this problem for you by providing a CQR who near your customer's site.

Often a nonconforming part can be corrected by rework. It is often too expensive to bring these parts back into your plant and unnecessary to do so unless the rework operations require special tools or machinery located only in your plant.


Light Assembly
Sometimes your product needs extra assembly before being shipped to your customer. We can assist you in developing Operator Instructions, obtaining necessary equipment & providing experienced operators to perform the assembly work.

Quality Engineering
With over 300 Engineers and Technical Specialist on staff, Continental has the Quality Engineering support you need to get your manufacturing systems out of quality containment fast, and get you back in control of your quality.


Root Cause Analysis
Your customer will have an outlined Quality Procedure that you must follow to be allowed to exit containment. This is always your goal and at Continental it is our goal to assist you in exiting containment as quickly as possible.