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Grants Available: On-the-Job Training

September 21, 2011   |   Posted by : Admin   |

Poor Quality FrustrationContinental Inc. Assists Clients in Winning Thousands of Dollars in Federal On-the-Job Training Grants

Continental Inc., working with Work One, has obtained several OJT (On-the-Job Training) Grants worth thousands of dollars each for its clients. Work One currently has funds to help companies hire workers who have been laid off and been unable to find commensurate employment or are working at a company that has formally announced its closure. These OJT grants will reimburse the company up to 50% of the new hire’s wages during their job training, which may last as much as 6 months.

Continental has been meeting with all of its clients and new clients to get the word out about this program. CEO, Judy Nagengast, states, “Many Indiana companies are not aware of this program and that they could qualify. The grants are for a substantial amount of money – usually at least $3000 per employee and can even go up to $13,000 for a skilled position like an engineer. The process is fairly simple and we do most of the legwork for our clients.”

Recruiter Cathy Mellinger explains, “In my experience, about 20 – 30% of candidates will qualify for this program. These are good employees who want to work. Most of our clients put employees through OJT for at least 3 months and often more. This program helps pay for that. It’s a win-win for everyone.”

To find out more about how your company could be winning thousands of dollars of OJT grants for your new hires, contact Cathy Mellinger at 765-778-9999 x304 or Jim Crockett at 765-778-9999 x309.

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