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How To Successfully Appeal PRRs

July 22, 2010   |   Posted by : Admin   |  

We have all been there…you know that you have put “X” amount of parts on the skid each time and labeled it correctly and all of a sudden you get the phone call that says you are getting a PRR because the skid has the wrong label on it or there were not enough pieces on the skid or some parts are scratched or a host of other reasons. »Read More

One Company's Solution to Reducing PRR's and Controlled Shipping

June 11,, 2010   |   Posted by : Admin   |  

My company was in a world of hurt in quality. We had just launched 3 new car line products and our PRR's were out of control. We were paying out hundreds of thousands of dollars in quality sorts and there didn't seem to be an end to it. Then I got together with my people and we devised a system utilizing Customer Quality Representative (CQRs) loacted at our customer. »Read More

Improve Response Time & Develop Better Working Relationships w/ Suppliers/Customers

May 19, 2010   |   Posted by : Admin   |  

In the global-based world of manufacturing today, hundreds and sometimes thousands of miles separate component and parts manufacturers from their customers. The lines of communication are stretched and valuable information gets lost in transit or translation. Manufacturers today are utilizing Customer Quality Representatives (CQRs) to bridge this gap, improve response time and develop better working relationships with their customers. »Read More

Part 5: Audits Help with New Product Launches

April 6, 2010   |   Posted by : Admin   |   

Quality Manager Joe Stein had a new product launch coming up which included parts shipped overseas from Chinese suppliers. He was very pleased with the potential cost savings these new suppliers offered. In fact, their sub-component pricing enabled him to create a very competitive Assembly Package Quotation that landed the job for his company, Tall Oaks Metals. »Read More

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