Having the right tools for any given job is a necessity. Knowing how to use those tools is a must. But creating and engineering tools to produce superior results is a valuable asset for any company to rely on.

We've addressed the issues needed to work in today's technologically advanced world and our proud to deliver unique solutions that make working with Continental-Quality easier and more proficient.

The most intriguing aspect of utilizing technological advancements to solve unique problems is that leading an industry, any industry requires the ability to assess things in a unique and creative manner to produce something that is scalable and replicable. Something unique to your set of circumstances that elevates your precision and performance.

From product launch to relocation, we've got the people, process, time and technology to solve challenges manufacturers have today and in the future.


Why Our Team

W We all want quality and performance out of everything. Our Team provides service to our partners in the same way we demand service at home.

H Honesty, integrity and dedication to excellence is not just expected by the leaders of the company, our vetting process for staff is unparalleled.

Y You always have the option to seek out other resources and we do everything possible to keep that thought from crossing your mind.

How It Works


Identifying your need for "Quality Engineering" is the initial step to higher performance, faster turn rates, better quality and a grateful customer.b arrow

Finding the right quality engineering partner is critical to your success. There are many companies out there that deliver on "their promise", but we know we can deliver on "Your Promise" a little bit better.

 b Assemble your list of problems begging for real-world solutions. Prepare those problems to be reviewed and assessed by one of our Quality professionals.b arrow

Then contact us. We generally reply within 24 hours unless you specifically state that you have an Emergency somewhere in your correspondence.


We then conduct a thorough discovery, alignment, disclosure and execution process based on you information. This information is then organized, ready for discussion.

We then set up a time to meet and discuss the best viable solutions you can achieve and your ultimate desired results. If you're comfortable with our solutions, we then get to work for you.