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About Us

Continental-Quality, a full service quality assurance & management service company.

Manufacturers and suppliers have a lot riding on product performance . . . profits, costs, time and most important – reputation. Introducing a steady stream of quality parts and products is the life-blood of business, and we eliminate the issues that can be devastating.

Continental-Quality has a long history of providing support to you when you need it, where you need it, and within your budget. We work closely with you to understand your need and budget, then develop solutions that satisfy your needs and cost constraints. We support you with short-term fixes and long-term solutions with complete documentation.

Continental's customer base spans a wide range of industries including automotive, transportation, aerospace, healthcare, manufacturing, consumer goods and heavy industry.

  • We have a decorated history of delivering on our promise.
  • We’re on a mission to deliver on time, in full & on budget.
  • Supporting your reputation is our primary focus.

of industries. From identifying potential suppliers, to inspection of production facilities through quality analysis and finally PPAP, We assist our clients in the development of high quality suppliers in order to strengthen strategic alliances and streamline communications.

The relationship between supplier and customer should be a long-term profitable partnership - working together to acheive desired results. Our processes not only make production, communications and delivery more efficient, but are also designed to strengthen the working bond between supplier and customer.

Supplier Follow-up and Visitation

Continental-Quality can continue to follow up on the supplier as needed to insure quality is maintained or to assist the supplier in adding to their production for our client.

Quality Sorting and Inspection

When non-conforming parts are shipped, you may require your supplier to sort and inspect these parts. Continental-Quality can assist in these efforts by providing Sorting and Inspection Teams in your facility, your supplier's facility, or our own facility. Yes, we're located in the Midwest, but we have a distinctive advantage over other quality suppliers because we also have a highly effective Staffing division (Continental Pro Services) that recruits and staffs businesses all over the USA.

Stellar Reputation

Continental-Quality has an honored past full of awards from a wide variety of sources both locally and nationally. Ernst & Young, Entreprenuer of the year, Indiana Growth 100 Award for the fastes growing companies in Indiana (2-time winner), Athena Award for professional excellence & community service and Nationally recognized as the Small Business of the Year by the US Small Business Association.

Our Certifications

Continental-Quality has an ISO 9001 :2008 Quality Certification and is a Certified Women's Business Enterprise.


Quality Consulting

We welcome the opportunity to help you solve any and all quality realted problems that have occured. Contact us for a no obligation consultation so we can help get you on track. Once the immediate problem is handled, we are ahead of the game in assisting you with further quality services - root cause analysis and irrevocable corrective actions, utilizing our broad scope of engineering services.

Main Office

Continental-Quality is headquartered in Anderson Indiana, just a half hour north of Indianapolis. This office serves as the central nervous system for all of our services at loacations across the country. We bring our knowledge, experience and talent to your facility to assist in establishing the best manner to deliver on your growing quality demands & expectations.

Scalable to any size project

Adaptable to any type of product

Knowledgable in any kind of situation